Indian Wells, California

March 8 - 21, 2021

Angelique Kerber – Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday, March 17, 2019 - Angelique Kerber plays Bianca Andreescu in the Women's Singles Final of the BNP Paribas Open in Stadium 1 at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California. (Jared Wickerham/BNP Paribas Open)
by BNP Paribas Open

6-4, 3-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. A tough one for you. Can you talk us through the third set and where you felt it slipped away from you?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: Yeah, I mean, after the first set, I was trying to coming back. She played good, especially in the third set. When she had the chances, she just go for it. Yeah, she put the balls in the court. At the end, she deserved to win.

Q. You had a chance to see her as the tournament went on. Was there anything out there that maybe you didn’t expect or anything she surprised you with today?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: No, I mean, she played the whole tournament good. I know that I had to play my best tennis. But, yeah, at the end I was not able to take my chances, but she did it.

Q. In Australia at the beginning of the year, was she a name that was on your radar? Did you have any knowledge of her as a player?


Q. Yeah.

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, she played good already in Auckland. Yeah, I mean, she played already a good year so far, starting with the finals. So, yeah, and then of course here.

Q. When someone is cramping like that at the end, like you say, they’re going for their shots, what can you try and do to…

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, not a lot when she’s playing good. I mean, she was still moving good and hitting the balls very fast. She was going for short rallies and she hit the balls in the court. So I couldn’t do nothing in the moment.

Q. After the break eventually in that final, did you find that you dropped a bit or that she just went up that break back?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I think both a little bit. I was again a little bit too short. But, yeah, she was going for it, because that was only her chance to coming back again in the game. Yeah, she did a good job then at the end, especially the last three games.

Q. What can you take away from this tournament?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, a lot. That I played here the finals. I was not expecting two weeks ago to playing here in the finals, especially after the last few weeks where I was a little bit struggling. So that’s why I’m happy about this tournament and that gives me a lot of confidence.

Also today, the match, it was a good one. I know that I have still few things to learn and to doing better the next time. But, yeah, I mean, in a few days we have another tournament and, yeah, it’s starting again from zero.

Q. Were you tiring at all? She’s cramping. Were you starting to tire at all yourself?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, you’re of course tired when you play over two hours in the final. It’s really hot out there.

Yeah, I mean, I was tired, as well, but I mean, for me, it’s more that she played good. I was not — I mean, if we played like next set, I’m there. I mean, I know that I have — my conditions is there, and I can always trust my legs. For me, it was fine.

Q. When she’s cramping, she’s going through what’s obvious for all of us, are you thinking, I got it now?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, yeah, that’s the only way she can do it in this moment, I think. For me, I mean, I was trying to not looking too much on her side, but she played good, and I was too short. So I think this both makes her then to playing better.

Q. In terms of the serving and leadup to Miami, is this enough positive experience? Because you have done so well before there, and what are you looking forward to at that event?

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, Miami, it’s a new tournament completely. The conditions are completely different. You know, like I said, everything starts from zero. Everything is mixed up again. You have to play your first round again. You have to play good tennis.

Yeah, I mean, I’m really looking forward because for me it’s first time there with the new venue and everything. So let’s see. I’m looking forward to going there.

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