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Jannik Sinner - March 8, 2024
2 Min Read · March 8, 2024

Friday, March 8, 2024 | Jannik Sinner | Press Conference

J. SINNER/T. Kokkinakis

6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Well done, Jannik. First match outdoors since Australia. How pleased were you with your form today?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, happy. Obviously it's a tough match. Doesn't really matter the result. I think we both started off a little bit tight. It was a little bit breezy, but then after, when I broke him for the first time I felt immediately much better. Obviously happy for the win.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Good results. How does it feel where I think at this point people just expect these results from you now? They're like, Oh, Sinner is going to win this. Is there more pressure? Do you pay attention to that?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, of course you listen, but in the other way, this sport, it's unpredictable. You can feel bad one day and you're out of the tournament. So it can be really fast.

For sure I am in a different position now than I used to be. But I take it as a positive, no? It means that I'm doing great on the court, and so we see what I'm also capable of this site now. It's for me honor to be in this position and then hopefully I can show some good tennis.

Q. Do you feel unbeatable right now? Athletes have these moments in their careers where they have so much confidence and they feel like they can walk onto the court and they can do anything. Do you feel anything like that?

JANNIK SINNER: No, I'm not unbeatable. I'm just well-prepared. You know, I worked really hard to be in this position. Obviously it's a position where, you know, you dream of because, you know, winning a Grand Slam, that's I think everyone's dream, but in the other way, you know, you travel here, the conditions are different and then you have to find a way somehow.

We came here earlier trying to prepare it. I felt better day after day. As we saw today it can be breezy, and then it stops. You know, you have to be very, yeah, you have to see the situation and then trying to be ready.

Q. I appreciate your patience with this question because I know you take a lot of questions about Darren Cahill, but I'm writing an article about his coaching career. You've talked a lot about how he's helped you not so much tactically or technically but mentally, psychologically. I wonder if now that you have spent time with him if you can see how he's been able to coach all these other players, not just you, to Grand Slam titles?

JANNIK SINNER: No, I didn't say he has not helped me in the tactical and technical side. I think the combination of him and Vagni is working really well. That what he has, because also of his age, he has more experience than I think all of the team has. So he is really important point for all of us.

I just feel lucky that I can, you know, stay around him, because, you know, he is so humble guy. You know, now we stay in the house together. He is just a normal person as I am, as my dad is, and all the rest of the team.

He suits really, really well the whole team, and I think that's the most important. And then the company, we live throughout the day, we live a normal life, which is trying to get better on the court.

He knows me now really good, because he knows my body now. He knows what I need on the court. So we have a little bit longer talk sometimes and trying to understand what's best for me, and that's really it.

I mean, he is for sure one of the best coaches on the tour since long time, and then, you know, with the combination of Simone, which I recognize as one of the best coaches, it's a perfect combination.

Q. Do you think about this winning streak you're on at all? Do you know how many matches you have won in a row? Is it something that's on your mind at all?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, because they tell me all the time (smiling). But in the other way, as I said, for sure you have confidence, yes. But the other way, as I said before, it can go fast to go in the wrong way. I just try to keep it as long as possible. Maybe it's over in two days; maybe not. We cannot predict the future.

As I always say, we live in the present moment. Tomorrow I have one day off or I play doubles and then trying to prepare for the next singles match. The opponents, they know me much better now, so I have to be prepared. I think that's also an exciting part where what I live in.

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