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Jannik Sinner - March 14, 2024
2 Min Read · March 14, 2024

Thursday, March 14, 2024 | Jannik Sinner | Press Conference

J. SINNER/J. Lehecka

6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jannik.

Q. Jannik, do you feel like you're getting better with each match here?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, today was for sure a different situation. In the beginning was windy, but I handled it very well. I mean, he's an incredible player with huge potential from both swings. He was serving really well. For sure I'm happy about the performance.

There was not so much rhythm today, so, you know, it's a little bit different kind of matchup, but for sure I'm really happy about the performance and happy to be back here in the semifinals.

Q. I was wondering if you were able to describe what it feels like to be on court right now? Do you feel clear in your head? What is it about right now that is different than in the past?

JANNIK SINNER: I don't think it's much different, no, mental side. I'm just happy to compete. I love to play in front of the crowd, and this is what makes me enjoy, no?

For sure I'm in a different position, yes, but I'm just happy to go out every time. In my mind there is always a new challenge, there is a new opponent, I have to be very careful, and that's what I'm trying to focus.

Q. A lot of talk these days about streaks, and your winning streak. Back in 2011 Novak started the year at 41. Back in 2011, how much did you pay attention to that? Was that something that was on your radar at that time, that he was doing at that time to start that season?

JANNIK SINNER: No, I was 10 years old (laughter). I was not following tennis, to be honest, because I was skiing much more, I was playing football, so I was not following tennis.

I know the stats now, but you cannot compare this with the best, with the Big 3 or Big 4. They are a different level what they have showed in the years.

I just, you know, make my story for myself. Yeah, that's it.

But when I was younger, I didn't watch so much tennis.

Q. You could play Carlos in the semifinals. We've always enjoyed watching your matches. I wonder if you have a rivalry that you particularly enjoy, is there a player you particularly enjoy facing?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, Carlos, it's always fun to play with him (smiling). We are good friends off the court. On the court, we just try to give 100%, no?

I think we have a good attitude on court. Usually the matches are good. Last year against him, especially here on this court, I struggled a lot. He played much better than me, which then two weeks after I played Miami against him where I won, so, you know, let's see.

But he has today a very tough match against Sascha. Especially when he's serving really well it's tough to play against him. You know, for sure it's going to be an exciting match already today to watch, and we see who is going to play against me.

Yeah, I'm looking forward for every challenge.

Q. Just to follow up on that, do you feel that this rivalry that you've developed with Carlos, at least the tennis world is very interested in, has it pushed your own game in any way? Has it made you have to adjust your game or change your game in some ways?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, for sure. I think every player, when you struggle to win or to beat, you have a point where you have to work on.

There is not only Carlos. There are other players what made me grow as a player. When you reach this kind of level then, you have to work again for different stuff.

For sure he might change a couple of things trying to beat me. I have to be ready. If he beats me, you have to work again on little details. I think that's really good and nice to see.

I reckon that's what the past Big 3 or Big 4 or have done in a similar way. We try to do the same, no? But whoever is going to be the next, you know, top players, we don't know yet because, you know, we are all so young. If we see every tournament is a little bit different. But yeah, for sure, I think that's also exciting part.

Q. You were just saying you were 10 years old when Novak had that streak. When did you start realizing and understanding some of the bigger figures and stats and things like that in the sport? How old were you? And how much of that was also added to with stories that Darren or Simone would have related to you about the sport?

JANNIK SINNER: When I was around 16 or so I started to watch tennis because I tried to become a professional tennis player, I tried to learn from watching matches. So I got into watching, you know, the best players in the world, watching more TV, watching matches and everything.

But, you know, Darren, he has some really good stories, you know, thanks to his experience throughout the years. I always love to hear him when he talks, because it's something special.

But also, Simone, yes, amazing things to say. They don't relate me with other players or whatever, you know, but they just give me these little inputs which hopefully can help me on court, and also off the court trying to see things in a different way. Yeah, I think it's really nice.

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