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Jannik Sinner - March 16, 2024
2 Min Read · March 16, 2024

Saturday, March 16, 2024 | Jannik Sinner | Press Conference

C. ALCARAZ/J. Sinner

1-6, 6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: First of all, tough match for you today, Jannik. I know this is not the result you were hoping for, and also about the winning streak. Can you share with us about your feelings right now.

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, it's for sure not the ending that I wanted, but, you know, playing against him, it's always tough.

I tried to, yeah, to play obviously good tennis, which I have done, especially the first set. Then I made a couple of mistakes. You know, the momentum has changed. He raised his level.

Yeah, that's it. Obviously tough one to swallow, but, you know, hopefully we will see in the next days if physically I will be good for Miami, which is for me personally the most important. And I'm really happy that, you know, for him because he's a really great player, good guy. Yeah, that's it.


Q. How much pride has the 19 consecutive wins given you?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, you don't -- or at least I don't think so much about that. Look, I've been positive throughout this winning streaks, positive even now, because, you know, I lost in the semis of Indian Wells, which is still a great result.

Now, the next tournament is Miami. So I'm focused already for Miami. For sure it's tough that it has to end like this here, because for me this is a really special place to play in.

Yeah, but I feel grateful for what I'm doing.

Q. Jannik, what happened with the left leg that you were flexing it? How is the left wrist, I think it is, when you took that tumble at the net? I know you just said physically you feel you'll be okay, but how are you feeling at the moment?

JANNIK SINNER: At the moment, I feel a little bit everything on my body (smiling). But it's normal. It's sport. You know, you have to accept this.

I had some problems, just small problems, but it was okay throughout until the third set. Then when I fell, I felt a little bit the elbow because I fell over the elbow and I rolled over. So was for me after tough to serve.

But he makes things very difficult to play obviously. He puts a lot of pressure on you. You know, he changed a couple of things today, like, tactically, which I have to watch out for the next time. I have to improve couple of things and trying to beat him again.

I think that's also the good and positive side of this sport.

Q. Tough loss. In your rivalry with Carlos, have there been periods where, you know, one of you, you think, feels like, okay, I have figured him out? And you feel like you have the edge? Or does it start all over again with every match?

JANNIK SINNER: It depends how much time passed from one time that we play until the next one. Like, last year we played here and then we played in Miami, so there are not so many practice, real practice sessions to trying to improve couple of things.

Then after we didn't play anymore for a little bit, and then we played in Beijing. I think that's again a bigger test to see how everything is. Today also was a bigger test, because, you know, we haven't faced each other for a little bit.

But this makes things really fun, no? Maybe there is one day where one of us wins three, four times in a row. Then the opponent or the other one has to trying to adjust a little bit, you know, trying completely new things, maybe goes completely wrong, that you lose 6-1, 6-1, or whatever. But I think that's good to see for me and then trying to grow in the future.

Q. Carlos seemed to adjust his return position in the deuce court in the second set. Backed up to the right. You're a very good slider you weren't using anymore. Could you talk a little bit about that? Did you notice that he had moved around? You started going up the T more.

JANNIK SINNER: Of course. I could see where he was returning, for sure (smiling). But in the other way, you know, you also try to get a little bit into his head. You know, someone who is returning far back, he's expecting a ball on the right side, but then you go on the left side. You know, if the first point you go here, the second point you might go the other way.

So you try to figure out what's the best shot in the right time. I guess today I had to do couple of things better. But, you know, this is, as I said, this is also the fun part, no? Next time I will be prepared or at least I try to be more prepared for these kind of things, and we'll see how it goes.

Q. Is there a specific element of your game today that you were most disappointed with? Is there an element of Carlitos' game that you were maybe most impressed with?

JANNIK SINNER: Look, now he showed already so many things that, for sure, you are always impressed when you play against him. But you are also prepared, you know, like for certain shots, dropshots.

He's moving really, really fast, as we know. Especially on this court where the ball bounces really high, it's not easy to play against him, because he can play with a lot of spin.

But what I have missed today that I was too predictable at some points. You know, I was doing the same things over and over again, which in my mind let me down. You know, like I was playing really good the first set. Then after, you know, when you see your opponent, you know, struggling a little bit, I tried to stay solid instead of, you know, trying to move around.

So I was too predictable at some points. I think that's the lesson for today. We will work on certain things, you know, and hopefully I will get better.

Q. Jannik, the match, especially the way you played him for the first set and a half, was extraordinary tennis. Despite losing the match, is it a type of match that you can enjoy when you're in the middle of the heat of the battle?

JANNIK SINNER: Of course. I mean, this is, you know, one of the best places to play tennis, no? Packed stadium. Two young players trying their best. This is fun, you know, to play there.

For sure you want to win, you know. But there will be occasions in the future where you win some and you lose some. There is nothing you can do about.

Most important part is that you give 100%, which I've done today. I was struggling in the third set, but, you know, he used it as his advantage, and that's it, no?

I enjoy these kind of matches. That's also why I practice for, no?

Q. What has Darren said to you? I know Simone isn't here, but what has Darren said to you? Has he spoken to you much?

JANNIK SINNER: We were just talking a little bit in the locker room. For sure we have to talk a little bit more about, you know, that what I said he agreed, no? That I was a little bit too predictable.

You know, tennis is a sport of balance. You going hard, and then you have sometimes you have to slow down a little bit and everything. But today I missed a lot of forehands where usually I try to be aggressive.

But today sometimes I made the mistakes. We have to understand why, you know, and that's it. I mean, I think it was still a great match. You know, I think we both played really good. There were some entertaining rallies.

Yeah, that's it. I mean, he deserved today to win, and I wish him good luck in the final.

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